Staff Service

The tailored service for your high-level personnel management

Submit a request if you would like to organize well your remote, seasonal, and regular staff.

Easy and safe transactions

You do not face hidden commissions and extra fees.

When the work is completed, the contractor gets the reserved sum immediately.
There is an additional option of mass payments for your convenience.

Staff Service will assist your business if:

You need to manage your work resources for:

Regular projects
Seasonal tasks
Temporary involvement of
independent specialists

You require remote personnel for:

Distance-working tasks
Regular or temporary projects
Time-urgent work performance

You are searching for in-the-field experts for:

Short-run projects and tasks
The accomplishment of
definite work stages
Special-purpose mission distribution.

Staff Service advantages

Flexibility according to the reality of the labor market

Our team is ready to supplement your staff with new professional workers who meet your requirements.

Risk-free cooperation because you pay for satisfying results

Our clients can count on absolutely transparent collaboration conditions. They get well-motivated staff and good results they pay for.

An economical way to supplement your workforce

We know what kind of contractors your projects require, so you will save your funds but improve economic statistics with skillful workers.


You can count on our responsible approach to taxes, transactions, payments, and other financial questions and legal points.



All the processes, work stages, and personnel changes are professionally recorded.

We are ready to carry out an audit of your business

Our dedicated team is ready to assist you when it comes to the optimization of your workflows and business processes.